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Dan Harless - Admin
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Welcome to the New

We had a glitch with our database.

During a recent script upgrade the database was backed up, but the database was corrupt so I was unable to restore it. The first 3,000 members get a free upgrade to pro. Sign up now for 1,000 free hits plus 5,000 hits per referral. You must surf 25 sites before your 1,000 hits are activated. This is a Hover Surf 2 for 1 Traffic Exchange with a 10 second timer. I sincerely apologize for all accounts that were lost. I took a break form all of my online businesses so I could complete my Masters Degree in IT. I completed my Masters Degree in October of 2014. I am now back with better skills to move this Traffic Exchange forward. After we have our initial 3,000 pro members I will add paid for surfing.

We have been online since 1/03/2004. That's over 11 years. We've been through four different scripts due to hackers and spammers. The script we are currently using is very stable. It seems like every time we are up and running 100% something happens that knocks us offline. All veterans and seniors get free pro upgrades for life, contact Admin after you have signed up and surfed your required 25 sites.